About Cura

Cura is the association for personalism in Denmark. We publish books, inspiring civil society, persons and leaders, giving lectures and motivating you to engage in your communities.

  • In the book “The Common Good”, you can find an introduction to personalism. Read more
  • English website hosted by Cura, presenting personalism: personalism.com
  • Danish website hosted by Cura, presenting personalism: personalisme.dk/ 

The name “Cura” is Latin and means care and covers three different aspects of it:

First, to like or to value. Second, to care about or be concerned with. And thirdly, to care for or to help in a practical sense.

In English is means “I do care”, i.e. I am concerned with this or that because it matters to me. You can also say “I take care”, i.e. I take care of this or that in a concrete and practical way. 

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Contact author to “The Common Good”
Jonas Norgaard Mortensen, jonas@norgaard.dk, ph: +45 6178 8616

Chairman for Cura,
Bjarke Friis, bjarke@cura.dk, ph: +45 2067 1331

Board Member
Filip Hove Kristensen, filip@cura.dk, ph: +45 6177 7817.